Data Assimilation

Assimilating the Southern Annular Mode

Reconstructing the SAM by assimilating drought atlases and PAGES.

LGM Reconstructions

Assimilating climate from the Last Glacial Maximum to present.

Volcanic Assimilations

Probing climate sensitivity to volcanism using data assimilation.


A Matlab package for paleoclimate data assimilation workflow.

NTREND Assimilation

Reconstructing Northern Hemisphere temperatures using NTREND.

Glacial cooling and climate sensitivity revisited

Assimilating sea surface temperature proxies over the Last Glacial Maximum constrains equilibrium climate sensitivity.

Resolving the differences in the simulated and reconstructed climate response to volcanism over the last millennium

Assimilating tree-ring records helps resolve discrepancies between simulated and reconstructed climate reponse to volcanism.

A data assimilation approach to last millennium temperature field reconstruction using a limited high-sensitivity proxy network

We reconstruct Nothern Hemisphere temperatures over the last millennium by assimilating a highly-sensitive, curated tree-ring network.

Globally resolved surface temperatures since the Last Glacial Maximum

We reconstruct surface temperatures since the Last Glacial Maximum using data assimilation.

Volcanoes and ENSO: a re-appraisal with the Last Millennium Reanalysis

We use data assimilation to probe the links between ENSO and volcanism.